About ITS NZ

About ITS NZ

Mission Statement

Intelligent Transportation Systems (Inc) commonly known as ITS NZ, provides leadership in the promotion, development and facilitation of ITS in New Zealand to achieve a sustainable, effective, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation system.

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Promote and support the development of ITS within the New Zealand transportation industry.


Receive, administer and expend funds to promote and support the development of ITS within the New Zealand transportation industry.


Promote the image of the industry. 


Promote and represent the common interests of members engaged in the development and deployment of ITS.


Promote and support the development of legislation and regulation relating to the industry in New Zealand.


Promote and encourage discussion, cooperation, productive relationships and the dissemination of information among members, the industry and the public, in relation to ITS.

Industry Standards

Optimise the compatibility of ITS applications by identifying and assisting in the development and adoption of relevent standards and architecture within the industry.

Thinking Local

Establish links, to liaise to provide a forum for exchange of information with other organisations, agencies and bodies within New Zealand and overseas having similar objectives.


Assist members to promote multi-model ITS development and application to improve all forms of passenger and freight transportation systems throughout New Zealand.


Our Partners & Sponsors

ITS New Zealand sponsor Fusion Networks Limited
ITS New Zealand sponsor logo Motor Trade Association
ITS New Zealand Sponsor New Zealand Ministry of Transport
ITS New Zealand sponsor NZTA
ITS New Zealand sponsor HMI Technologies
ITS New Zealand sponsor IMVIA


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