Event Date: July 28, 2021 18:00

Engineers for Social Responsibility Event

Strategies to Decarbonise Transport (Panel)

When: July 28th 6:00pm – 7:30pm | Where: University of Auckland, Faculty of Engineering, 70 Symonds Street Room 423.340

Online Link: https://aut.zoom.us/j/99595360870 - Meeting ID: 995 9536 0870

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Urgent action is needed to decarbonise transport in New Zealand to meet greenhouse gas emission targets set by the Climate Change Commission and/or the IPCC.

Varied ‘all of sector strategy approaches’ will be required to either (i) Avoid travel, (ii) Shift travel to more shared and low/zero emission modes and (iii) Reduce emissions from essential travel.

The panel will discuss what needs to change about current travel patterns, why and subsequently how we can all contribute to this change (in regards to current behaviours and in the development and adoption of new technologies, methods and materials). Questions will be encouraged of panel members to debate, discuss and challenge current approaches.

Panel Members:

Panel Facilitator: Dr Thomas Neitzert (ESR & Em Prof AUT)
Dr Thomas Neitzert is a professor emeritus of mechanical engineering and has a background of leadership positions in industry as well as academia in New Zealand and overseas. During his employment in Germany he worked for eight years in the passenger car and truck division of Mercedes-Benz. He is currently the treasurer of Engineers for Social Responsibilities Inc.

Ross Rutherford (ESR)
Ross has a long and varied career in transport planning. He has an honours degree in civil engineering and a masters degree in transport planning and engineering. His work experience includes highway design and traffic engineering. He was Group Manager Transport Planning then Group Manager Rapid Transit with the former Auckland City Council. He had a leading role in changing the Council’s focus from roading to public transport and headed the Council’s investigation into a rapid transit system for the region based primarily on light rail.

Dr Helen Fitt (Lincoln University)
Helen is a postdoctoral fellow working in Lincoln University’s Faculty of Environment, Society and Design. She is a social scientist interested in the influence that transport technologies have on social and cultural aspects of mobility and vice versa. Helen is interested in how we can better understand social complexity and make better decisions about our transport systems.

Irina Holleran (PhD Student, University of Auckland)
Irina is undertaking her PhD on benefit optimisation of recycling of asphalt materials (porous asphalt) and has a passion for improving environmental practices in the transport construction sector. She has previously worked in a number of countries and as Laboratory Manager and researcher for Fulton Hogan.

Dr Doug Wilson (ESR & TRC, University of Auckland)
Doug is a Senior Lecturer in Transportation Engineering and a founding member of the University of Auckland Transportation Research Centre. He has worked for central and local Government and private consultancies. His research interests are in transportation infrastructure development, safety, materials, community well-being and future transport technologies (including transport electrification and wireless charging systems) that can lead to a more equitable, sustainable and desirable transport future.