Results and analysis from our COVID-19 Survey 

ITSNZ COVID-19 Survey for the Transport and Technology Sector

ITSNZ is happy to share the results of our COVID-19 Sector Survey and ITSNZ would like to thank everyone who completed the survey. A good range of responses, we had contributors from organisations with many thousands of employees as well as SMEs.

The objective of our survey was twofold, to better understand how everyone was affected during level 3 and level 4. To identify common experiences, impact of business and business confidence and predicted impacts.
And also, as New Zealand works towards transport goals, riding out a recession and restarting the economy, the survey also sought to see where the opportunities are for the future.
As we publish this report it has been great to see consumer confidence exceeding expectations.
While the impact and recovery trajectory for the economy, our industry and the transport eco-system are still unclear, we hope the results help give a sense of the impressions from leaders in the industry of the impact of COVID-19, regarding both the challenge and opportunities.

Armin Guttke, ITSNZ Board Member

The report’s author Armin Guttke (pictured) says of the report "The report highlights the aggregate impact of COVID-19 on the transport sector, which will undoubtedly shape the future of transport for the foreseeable long term future.”
“It is clear we must now reset and rebuild our economy in a way that focuses on sustainability, resilience, and safety. Technology and digitalisation will be fundamental to support these development goals."

Some key findings

1. Business confidence was effectively flat, which in itself will be surprising to some. It is pleasing to see that 33% were optimistic and 6% very optimistic, while 24% were apprehensive and 12% very apprehensive. The remainder had a 50/50outlook.
2. Respondents expect sustainable and low-emissions transport to benefit from the crisis, with no one in the sector predicting demand of traditional fuels to increase following COVID-19.
3. The industry expects to see an increase in government focus on cycling and active modes, mobility as a service (MaaS) as well as innovation and Intelligent Transport Systems.

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