New Zealand uniquely placed to introduce modern Road Pricing

NZI DR PATRICK CARVALHOAn engaged audience joined The New Zealand Initiative's Senior Research Fellow Patrick Carvalho and experts to reacquaint with road pricing as a solution to congestion, catalyst for transport behaviour change and future-proofed transport revenue source. 

With New Zealand's experience with diesel Road User Charges (RUCs) and related technology combined with our unburdened legislative requirements, the feeling is that New Zealand could benefit greatly from introducing road pricing, congestion pricing, both as a society and as a technology leader.  

On Tuesday ITSNZ hosted Dr Carvalho's who presented his recent work and followed that with an expert panel and networking where a high level of engagement on the possibilities continued. ITSNZ will look to continue to enable this discussion in 2020. 

The event panel included:  

  • (MC) Stephen Hewett, Beca /ITSNZ President
  • Dr Patrick Carvalho, Economist and The New Zealand Initiative Research Fellow
  • Barney Irvine, AA - Representing a users perspective to road pricing
  • Paul Minnett, Trip Convergence Ltd - creative consideration for what to do with transport revenue and how to reduce congestion
  • Nina Elter, EROAD - RUC systems provider 
  • Scott Wilson, D'Artagnan consulting - a specialist in transport funding policy

About Dr Carvalho and The New Zealand Initiative:

The New Zealand Initiative is a think-tank whose mission is " help create a competitive, open and dynamic economy and a free, prosperous, fair, and cohesive society."

Dr Carvalho is the Senior Research fellow and recently authored  "The Price is Right" paper, based on research and examples of road pricing policy and solutions from New Zealand and around the world.

"This report shows that without proper road user pricing, congestion is becoming the new normal in our urban centres, costing the economy over a billion dollars every year.

New Zealand is among the top 10 countries for vehicle ownership per capita. The door-to-door convenience of car use, particularly in sole-occupancy driving, is an undeniable (and increasing) national preference.

Without suitable policy action, road congestion is all but certain to intensify. Government forecasts also show that New Zealand’s total vehicle kilometres travelled might increase by as much as 66% by 2040." 

Read 'The Price is Right' research here 

Access the Presentation PDF 

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