Reflecting on Stephen's 9 years on the Board

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President Stephen Hewett to step down after 9 years on the ITSNZ Board

Stephen Hewett is set to step down from the role of President of ITSNZ and its Board at the AGM on November 24th, when a member vote will take place to appoint a board of directors for a two-year term. Emilio Marquez de PradoAmy strangHelen Fitt sq 

Also stepping down after two-year terms are Helen Fitt, (below left) Postdoctoral Fellow at Lincoln University, one of our inaugural Academic board members, and Amy Strang, Graduate Engineer at Air New Zealand, a co-founder of the Young Transport Professionals initiative. Emilio Marquez, NZ Operations Manager for SICE ANZ is also stepping down after two years. 

Stephen's departure comes after nine years of service on the ITSNZ Board. A Business Director of Transport Advisory at Beca with a focus on technology, Stephen has held the role of President for the past two years, with specific international responsibilities including being New Zealand’s representative on the Board of ITS Asia-Pacific and the ITS World Congress.

“It has been an honour to contribute to the evolution of ITSNZ over the last nine years and even more so in representing ITSNZ globally in my role as President. I have enjoyed working with the Board to develop a business plan that has seen the creation our successful T-Tech conference format, bringing Youth and Academia onto the Board, and creation of the Young Transport Professionals initiative. I look forward to seeing ITSNZ continue to grow and to be actively involved in the changing transport technology landscape,” Stephen said.

Recognising Stephen’s contributions, ITSNZ Chairperson Mike Rudge says “Stephen has invested a phenomenal amount of time and passion to ITSNZ over the past nine years. As President, Stephen has contributed hugely to the success of T-Tech as well as leading our engagement with ITS Asia-Pacific and the international ITS community.”

“We wish Stephen the best in his future endeavours, in particular being able to spend more time with his family.”

ITSNZ has undergone significant growth and change in the past ten years and Stephen has played a pivotal role in many of the major milestones and achievements. ITSNZ hosted the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum conference in 2013 attracting some 500 participants from across the world.

ITSNZ was launched in 2004 but remained fully volunteer-led at the time. The success of the event coincided with rapid technology advancement and technology-led

Following a membership structure change in 2017, Beca became one the inaugural ITSNZ Gold Members. This change and increase in membership funding enabled major expansion of events activity, especially the annual conference. The inaugural T-Tech conference was held in 2018 and doubled the size of earlier annual summit events and Stephen played a major role in both the inaugural and 2019 conferences. He led the development of the professional papers and presentations component of the conference, co-ordinating submissions, judging and awards. disruption creating a much bigger need for a national transport body with a technology focus.