Ohmio LIFT

Transport Innovation in New Zealand is on a roll 

In 2018, there were a plethora of announcements about new transport solutions. It was not that long ago that people still recalled the Skoda-powered Trekka as New Zealand’s effort to become a transport innovator and exporter – circa 1966-1973 but it's now hard to ignore the growing number of innovations that have far more potential.  

In the past 10 years we've seen New Zealand companies make waves with a wide variety of transport ideas, some were extreme and kooky like Martin Jetpacks and the Yikebike, others totally viable like Ohmio's autonomous shuttles, UBCO's electric motorbikes and ferries being planned by McKay and East by West ferries and Auckland's McMullen and Wing. 

In this column for EVTalk, ITSNZ's Executive Officer Simon McManus looks back at some of the exciting announcements of 2018.  

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