Kia ora Te Waka Rangatahi - YTP has their own branding and te reo identity

In a presentation to the ITSNZ AGM on September 3rd Amy Strang and Armin Guttke revealed the new brand identity, while also taking the opportunity to promote their vision for the initiative, to diversify the sector and strengthen knowledge and collaboration across those starting out in the sector.

Armin and Amy shared their roles delivering the presentation, also giving us an update on recent activity, event plans and the YTP committee selection process. They are currently interviewing for inaugural committee members having received a large number of applications. Applications were from people in transport engineering, technology, automotive and energy organisations as well as universities.   

Amy Strang explains, "Armin Guttke and I were super excited to take the first step of our branding journey and launch our new Young Transport Professionals logo and te reo Maori name at the ITSNZ AGM."

Amy and Armin worked with designer Ying Zhou with some input from Simon McManus and the YTP membership which is rapidly approaching 90 people.   

In their presentation they described the design concept as follows:

- We chose to incorporate a te reo Maori name to represent the diversity in our group and to make our brand uniquely of Aotearoa.
- We then (with the help of our members) chose the name Te Waka Rangatahi which translates to the youthful/young people canoe which we are all in together.
- The icon was designed to loosely show the letters YTP. If you look closely you will notice it incorporates three koru, or baby silver ferns. The ITSNZ logo icon shows an adult silver fern, so our three koru represent that we are the new generation of ITSNZ. The icon also shows networking and interconnectedness through its intertwining shape.
- We then chose a modern colour palette with a gradient on the letters Y, T and P which gives a feeling of looking towards the horizon. The text is also slanted forward showing movement and forward-thinking.


Visit the Young Transport Initiative page & Join YTP 

View the slides from their presentation to the AGM here