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ITS Australia Mobility conference 2024

    Date: 16-17 May, 2024 | Location: Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne

    ITS Australia’s Mobility 2024 conference explores the forefront of mobility innovations vital to smart, liveable urban landscapes.

    ITS Australia Mobility 2024 Conference

    Building upon the success of Mobility 2023, Mobility 2024 brings together professionals, including industry experts, academics, and government representatives to explore the cutting-edge developments driving Future Mobility, an industry segment of very real significance within the ITS industry.

    The program will delve into essential themes such as ensuring the efficacy of mobility solutions, enhancing the sustainability of transportation, and the comprehensive management of transportation networks, from street-level to the digital cloud. We also explore the horizon of innovative thinking, facilitating seamless mode shifts in transportation, and harnessing the potential of mobility on demand services for diverse populations. Amidst these discussions, we emphasise the significance of human-centric design, the promotion of active transport solutions, and the evolution of frictionless ticketing systems, all while endeavouring to create more inclusive and accessible cities and regions.