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2020 Presentations and Webinars

    On-Demand Transport and COVID-19 Impacts on Transport Services

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    Two-part event 

    1. Pre-recorded presentation, including basics of On-Demand Transport and impact of COVID-19 on existing transport service models
    2. Session Recap and Q&A (Recorded Live) 

    Simon McManus – Executive Officer, ITSNZ

    Ben Hague – Partnerships Principal, Via Australia and New Zealand
    Jeremy Dickson – Environment Canterbury – MyWay Trial in Timaru

    T-TECH SPEAKER SERIES : Austroads Future Vehicles 2030 Report

    Tech Speaker Series Webinar featuring John Wall (Austroads Future Vehicles and Technology Programme Leader and Andrew Somers, ITS Consultant and report author, hosted by Simon McManus of ITSNZ.

    Our guests discuss the Future Vehicles 2030 report which examined the penetration of new technologies of the next ten years, including electric vehicles, connected vehicles and automation. With the report having been published a couple of month prior, this webinar provides an opportunity to explore a New Zealand specific focus to the report and John and Andrew update on how the report is being used, what further work it will inform.

    Simon McManus – Executive Officer, ITSNZ
    Lee McKenzie, Portfolio Manager, Future Transport

    John Wall, Programme Leader, Future Vehicles and Technology, Austroads
    Andrew Somers, Director of TransOptim, Author of Future Vehicles Report

    T-TECH SPEAKER SERIES: Marcus Burke, National Transport Commission (Aus)

    Tech Speaker Series Webinar featuring Marcus Burke, Executive Leader, Future Technologies, NTC

    T-Tech Speaker Series webinar recording featuring Marcus Burke, Executive Leader of Future Technologies at National Transport Commission discusses their work preparing regulation for autonomous vehicles in Australia.

    T-TECH SPEAKER SERIES: Professor Benjamin K. Sovacool – Exploring Vehicle to Grid “Beyond Electric M

    Tech Speaker Series Webinar featuring Benjamin K. Sovacool – Exploring Vehicle to Grid

    ITSNZ hosts this webinar with Dr. Benjamin K Sovacool, a respected and award-winning researcher and energy policy specialist.

    Join us as he defines and charts the barriers and future of an emerging low-carbon source of mobility that could dramatically reduce emissions, create revenue, and accelerate the adoption of battery-electric cars: vehicle-to-grid technology.

    Simon McManus – Executive Officer, ITSNZ
    Helen Fitt, ITSNZ Director & Post Doctoral Fellow at Lincoln University

    Dr. Benjamin K. Sovacool, University of Sussex Business School