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T-Tech 2019 Papers

    An Exploratory Study Using Big Data for Improved Safety and Operational Efficiency: A New Zealand Ca

    Authors: Gareth Robins1, Dr Salvador Hernandez2

    Transport advocacy through smart data analysis and visualisation

    Authors: Neal Johnston1, Santosh Seshadri2

    Crowd sourced road conflict data to take the randomness out of crash patterns

    Authors: Matthew Noon, Associate – Transportation and Digital Engineering1, Andy Bartle, Senior Spatial Adviser2

    MioVision Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) supporting disruption caused by major roa

    Authors: Tim Livermore1, Andrew Gurr2, Gopesh Reddy2, Joel Hamilton2

    Will I Catch my Plane?

    Authors:Richard Young

    How micro mobility could impact our future transport ecosystem

    Authors: Matthew Ensor

    Pothole Detection Using Deep Learning

    Authors: Amita Dhiman1, Waqar Khan2 and Reinhard Klette1

    Affiliations: 1School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
    Auckland University of Technology, Auckland
    2Weltec, Wellington

    A Scalable Approach towards Predicting Travel Times of Commuter Buses, Trains & Ferries in Real Time

    Authors: Steven Hayman1 , Vikash Kumar2 , Karim Cisse1 , Shiv Maheshwari1 , Edwin Ng1

    Buying decongestion: Crazy idea or credible solution?

    Authors: Paul Minett1 , John Niles2 , Richard Lee3 , Brittany Bogue4 , Marco D. Schaefer5

    Intelligent Congestion Management – Putting Smart to Good Use

    Authors: Chris Bax1

    Who should control Mobility as a Service?

    Authors: Glen Koorey1

    Planning our roads and streets network today for existing and future technologies

    Paper Title: Planning our roads and streets network today for existing and future technologies – Practical considerations for providing safe environments for pedestrians and enabling automated vehicles to ‘read the road’

    Authors: Mark Rowland1, William McGill1

    Data-driven scenario planning for transport infrastructure

    Authors: Evan Quick1, Rekha Kharbanda2

    Future Proofing Technology Systems for MaaS

    Authors: Chris Karatsiolis1, Andy Taylor2,

    Establishing and managing an urban multimodal ecosystem

    Authors: David Bolt1,

    Whangaparaoa Dynamic Lane Project

    Authors: Blair Monk, Miguel Menezes

    Does Speeding make a difference in Urban Areas?

    Authors: Gareth Robins1

    Can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning unlock our cities?

    Authors: Mick Spiers1

    Pricing Mobility as a Service for Success

    Authors: Henry Wu1 , Angus Carter2, Gary Tennant3