Lee McKenzie ITSNZLee Mckenzie is the Manager of Future Transport at Waka Kotahi and has been working in transport for most of her career after making the transition from law. Lee is passionate about the potential of technology and data to drive change in the transport sector and believes leveraging these tools can help us address challenges, including climate change and road safety outcomes. Hoe ki angitū is particularly exciting to Lee because of its potential to enable collaboration between private and public sectors, something she has long been passionate about.

Hoe ki angitū will change the way Waka Kotahi engages with innovators throughout the country. It is an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships and collaboration, working together to find innovative solutions. Says Lee - “We know there is some really great thinking and work being done throughout the country with people devising and developing really innovative solutions. We want to connect and support these innovators, accelerating solutions for positive impact where we can.” Lee believes collaboration is the way forward - and that great capability, knowledge, and indeed vision exists within the private sector and throughout the country. Through Hoe ki angitū the innovation team at Waka Kotahi will be looking to unearth this - and form unique partnerships that can unlock and accelerate growth - ensuring 1+1 = 3.

Whilst there is funding available, support will also be provided in other ways, including regulatory support. Says Lee - “Transport is complex - and so too the ecosystem and framework within which it operates. We are looking to support and accelerate not only through funding but also in helping partners navigate the transport system, clearing roadblocks, literally - and help bring some of this great thinking to fruition.

“Through Hoe ki angitū we are looking to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to innovation. Innovation can come from anywhere so we’re reaching as wide as possible to invite ideas to be shared. What are you thinking? How can we work together? We are looking at the private sector, we are looking to hear from organisations - both startups and enterprise, individuals and founders, iwi, community groups and beyond. We are really looking to encourage participation and diversity of thought - and ask, how can we help make this happen?