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T-Tech growth indicates accelerating interest in ITS Solutions

    The T-Tech 2024 ITS Summit and Future Transport Conference attracted record numbers, continuing growth and establishing the conference as one of New Zealand’s leading transport conferences.

    T-Tech 2024 featured a record number of over 70 speakers, an engaging exhibition zone and buzzing networking events, attracting over 180 people. Representing a sizeable 14% increase from 2023 it was the largest conference attendance in the six years since T-Tech was launched.

    Opened by Mayor of Auckland, Wayne Brown, the T-Tech programme included international keynotes, as well as government leaders and experts from government, industry and academia. Plenary special interest sessions on Road Pricing and Congestion Charging, Opportunities for Technology in the GPS for Land Transport, and international updates from Japan, Taiwan, Australia and Ireland.

    For delegates and members recordings from the event and presentation files will be made available on the ITSNZ website. See Full Photo Gallery Here