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  • Event Speaker

    Blair Monk

    Transport Principal for Network Optimisation

    Blair has accumulated wide-ranging experience over the last 25 years from client and consultancy perspectives whilst being passionate about ITS/AV/EV/MaaS technologies.

    His current role is the Transport Principal for Network Optimisation at Aurecon. Blair works with a large team of engineers and analysts in diverse fields such as future transport technologies, traffic control centre operations, traffic signal design and coordination, ramp metering, incident management, driver information systems, ITS asset management along with road, bridge and tunnel operations. He is a supporter of diversity and inclusion, working with the YTP and WEN teams, encouraging mentoring and participation.

    Blair has attended many ITS world congresses, with the latest being in Melbourne 2016, Montreal in 2017 and Copenhagen in 2018 and Singapore in 2019 pre Covid-19.

    Blair bridges the gap between End User desires, Transport Planning and Future Transport Technology Operations. Blair has also recently completed a future thinking thesis on dealing with the rise of Micro Mobility in the urban environment.

    Blair wants to push ahead as part of the ITS NZ Board. He is keen to help rebuild the Future Transport Technology Network in the Post Covid-19 world.