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  • Event Speaker

    Clare O’Hagan

    Project Manager – IoT
    Fulton Hogan

    Clare is a project manager in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), driven by a commitment to elevate operational efficiency and develop a more intelligent and resilient road network. With an acute innovation sense, Clare collaborates closely with operational teams to comprehend challenges and co-create strategies for optimising processes. This drives the business towards a smarter operational approach.

    At the heart of her efforts lies a focus on bolstering resilience within the state highway network. Clare has worked hand-in-hand with regional teams, delving into challenges and engineering solutions that amplify safety, furnish network insights, and provide trigger action alerts. These alerts empower operational teams to proactively and knowledgeably navigate their daily tasks.

    Clare’s dedication to serving the operational function of the business shines through her unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between technical complexities and real-world operational dynamics. Her passion for this integration underpins her accomplishments and drives her journey forward.