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  • Event Speaker

    Danu Abeysuriya

    Founder & Chief Technology Officer

    As the R/VISION lead and Founder/CTO of design and software engineering studio RUSH, Danu oversees the technological direction of a company with its sights on making a global impact. He champions responsible AI and believes strongly in the ethos that we can use it to augment human capabilities and democratise access across the globe.
    With over 15 years in business, Danu has worked on some of the most impactful digital projects of our time, including Z Energy’s Fastlane – the pay-by-plate fuel solution, the Spark Kūpu app which uses machine learning and AI to translate everyday objects into Te Reo Māori, and the NZ Covid Tracer App which used custom QR code generation and scanning to keep millions of people safe during the pandemic.
    Danu leads clients in how to apply nascent technology appropriately, safely and securely – especially in the development and rollout of proprietary AI & Computer Visions platform; R/VISION.