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  • Event Speaker

    Dr.Cris de Groot

    Senior Lecturer

    Cris has a degree in engineering product design, a Masters in Industrial Design and a PhD on the psychology of experiencing technological products. His current full-time position here in New Zealand is Senior Academic Leader in Business & Innovation for the School of Creative Industries at Unitec New Zealand.

    Cris has worked as a product designer and innovation consultant for several firms including companies in sports, banking, software, oil and gas, telecoms, retail, tourism, and packaging. Adjacent to his work in the commercial sector, Cris has worked as a design educator and lecturer for a number of universities in the UK, Europe, and NZ.

    The Uniwaka initiative is a collaborative endeavour with Unitec’s Sustainability Officer Maja Zidov, working at reducing the organisations carbon footprint and empowering the campus community. This project is now looking to expand it’s user base and embrace new avenues for growth.