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  • Event Speaker

    Dr Mohsen Mohammadzadeh

    Senior lecturer
    University of Auckland, School of Architecture and Planning, Transport Research Centre

    Dr. Mohsen Mohammadzadeh is a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. With qualifications in Urban and Regional Planning and Design, as well as Civil Engineering. Mohsen has 12 years of professional experience in both the public and private sectors, having worked in Iran before moving to New Zealand. Also, he has 20 academic work experience in Iran and then New Zealand.

    Mohsen’s academic journey led him to write his PhD and master’s theses in Planning Theory. In his research, he delved into critical urban theory, planning in late capitalism, urban conflicts, urban automation and the ethics of big data. He also explored emerging global cities, smart cities, disruptive mobility and technologies, and transportation and infrastructure planning. Based on Lacanian and Heideggerian perspectives, Mohsen critically investigates the usage of emerging disruptive technologies in cities as well as the process of policymaking, planning and designing.

    Currently, Mohsen’s research focuses on how new technologies, such as Digital Twinning, AI, and Machine Learning, can assist policymakers, planners, and urban designers in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and adapting cities to face climate change. As the Theme Leader of Infrastructure, Climate Response, and Resilience at the Transport Research Centre within the University of Auckland, he continues to drive innovation and progress in urban planning and design.