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  • Event Speaker

    Erik Zydervelt

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Erik Zydervelt is a leading tech entrepreneur and environmental changemaker, celebrated for advancing regenerative urbanism with Mevo, New Zealand’s premier car-share service. With extensive expertise in environmental science, policy, and business, Erik and his team have reshaped urban mobility since Mevo’s inception in 2016, delivering solutions that drastically reduce carbon emissions, congestion, and living costs while enriching urban environments.

    Under Erik’s direction, Mevo has seamlessly integrated advanced technology into mobility systems, serving tens of thousands and enhancing vehicle utilization by over 1000%. This shift has removed thousands of vehicles from urban areas, reducing the reliance on private car ownership and lowering environmental impacts, which champions sustainable urban development.

    Erik’s leadership has earned him numerous awards from early in his career, receiving second place in the Schneider Electric global green urbanism contest and a scholarship from Victoria University of Wellington. More recently, Erik and Mevo have been recognized with the Wellington Gold Awards in 2018, Wellingtonian of the Year for the Environment in 2019, the 2021 Global Green Business Awards for the Most Innovative Urban Transport Service in New Zealand, and a 2023 Best Design Award. As a Sir Edmund Hillary Global Impact Fellow, Erik continues to foster large-scale sustainable practices that enhance ecological and community resilience, inspiring a new standard for sustainable urban living.