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  • Event Speaker

    Garreth Hayman

    Doppelmayr New Zealand

    Garreth is a true visionary in the world of transport technology, with a profound passion for the alpine environment that has driven his career in the cable car industry for over 15 years. As the CEO of Doppelmayr New Zealand, he has spearheaded unprecedented growth and delivered numerous iconic projects, earning him the well-deserved title as one of New Zealand’s cable car experts.

    With a unique blend of technical expertise in cable car construction and extensive operational experience in transporting millions of people across New Zealand’s harshest alpine terrains and popular tourism attractions, Garreth has honed his understanding of the intricate mechanics of ropeways. His profound knowledge has equipped him to view ropeways not merely as tourist attractions but as a viable mobility solution with the potential to revolutionise urban transportation in New Zealand.

    Garreth is deeply committed to sharing his knowledge and insights, advocating how ropeways can seamlessly integrate into transport networks and create a measurable positive impact on the mobility and quality of life for cities’ residents. Through his leadership and collaboration with the Doppelmayr NZ team in Christchurch, Garreth remains steadfast in his mission to help both the public and private sectors gain a deeper understanding of the countless benefits urban cable cars can offer.

    In a world where sustainable and efficient transport solutions are increasingly crucial, Garreth stands at the forefront of a movement that envisions cable cars as more than just scenic experiences but as transformative tools for enhancing urban transportation and shaping a brighter future for New Zealand’s cities.