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  • Event Speaker

    Gerrald Mateo

    Area Sales Manager – Oceania
    Kapsch TrafficCom Australia

    Gerrald Mateo is the Area Sales Manager from Kapsch for the Oceania region, responsible for business development, customer engagement and strategic partnerships in Australia and New Zealand. After earning his electronics engineering degree in the Philippines, Gerrald spent more than half a decade in Manila driving through at least 5 hours of traffic congestion daily.

    Gerrald has since moved to Melbourne and has more than 12 years’ experience as a technical and business advisor to academia, government and the high-tech industry on applications such as data analytics, industrial internet of things and edge computing.

    Now equipped with innovative transportation solutions through the Kapsch portfolio, Gerrald is determined to leverage technology to get people to their destinations safely, efficiently, and with minimal environmental impact.