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  • Event Speaker

    Iain MacDougall

    Head of New Mobilities

    With a longstanding interest in how technology can be used to understand and address social equity problems, Iain is currently heading up Liftango’s New Mobilities team. Iain and the team’s work focuses on helping Transit Authorities, Operators and Organisations gain a deeper understanding of the problems in their area. Coupled with a user-centric approach to solution design, the New Mobilities team works with organisations across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, delivering value to all transport stakeholders.

    Throughout his career, Iain has used technology as an enabler to design equity-focused products and solutions across education, business operations and most recently transport. Iain is experienced in collaborating on new ideas which address the underlying issues faced by end users. Equally, Iain takes great pride and satisfaction from experiencing the impact that these solutions have on individual members of the community.

    In the New Mobilities team, we are currently bringing to light the stories of people who are positively impacted by innovative transport solutions around the world. It is these people that must be remembered and empathised with throughout all public transport design practices, for without them any solution design is diminished.