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  • Event Speaker

    Ihsana Ageel

    Manager Long-term System Planning
    Waka Kotahi NZTA

    Ihsana is currently leading the long term system planning team and a major focus for the team is delivery Arataki: 30 year system plan.

    Arataki is a full system plan that is being developed as a shared sector view of how we need to plan, develop, and invest in the land transport system during the next 30 years. The current published version of Arataki provides a strong foundation for us to have ongoing conversations with our partners and others to co-create the plan.

    Arataki provides direction that will guide how we’ll work together during the next 30 years to deliver the future land transport system needed to keep Aotearoa New Zealand moving. Arataki’s system view includes technology and innovation as one of the key drivers for future change, how we address future challenges and opportunities, as well as how the land transport system will work.

    Arataki is also intended to operate on a digital platform. The journey has started on a webpage with embedded geospatial maps and downloadable content for each section. The current platform limits what can be displayed and how compelling Arataki can be. Nationally consistent and exportable data sets are a current gap. This also restricts the extent to which the GIS platform delivers key insights.

    There is exciting potential to drive innovation into planning land transport through a system plan such as Arataki, especially with our partners.
    Prior to this role, Ihsana has largely worked in local government and has experience delivering cross partner and sector plans that provide innovative solutions.