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  • Event Speaker

    Jacek Mocki

    Company Director
    MOTZKY Pty Ltd

    Jacek is a qualified and highly experienced chartered transport engineer. He holds a master degree in transport (obtained in one of the most prestigious technical universities in Europe – Warsaw University of Technology) and a doctor of philosophy degree in engineering (gained at Griffith University).
    Jacek is a good analytical and strategic thinker and clear in the outcomes he expects from the activities he is undertaking.
    With over 20 years of professional and scientific experience in transport and transport systems at all levels (Consulting, Engineering, Product supply, Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance, Operation, Governance and Software development), Jacek can offer specialised services to ensure the outcome is worth the customer journey. He has an extensive systems knowledge, experience and ability to deliver outstanding results.
    He utilises a customer centric approach to all his actions. When he makes a commitment to his customers, he relentlessly follows through until he has delivered. Jacek can quickly analyse a problem or situation and then clearly and concisely articulate the key issues and propose a range of possible solutions. He displays a broad experience in transport issues ranging from works at site to the Board Room. He also knows a lot about his industry, and you can tell he is very passionate about it.
    Jacek is an absolute delight to work with. Very easy going and professional in the true sense of the word. He represents a company called MOTZKY.