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  • Event Speaker

    Manuel Gonzalez Arrojo

    SICE ANZ Managing Director

    Manuel Gonzalez has been the Managing Director of SICE Australia and New Zealand since 2011. With a diverse background that spans continents, Manuel’s extensive experience includes managing SICE’s operations in both the UK and the Australasian region. His profound understanding of international markets and exceptional communication skills across cultures and languages have been instrumental in fostering successful business development initiatives.
    Manuel’s remarkable career journey has taken him from Spain to Sweden, the UK to Australia, and New Zealand, allowing him to cultivate a unique perspective on thriving in diverse business landscapes. Under his adept leadership, Manuel has overseen the successful execution of intricate ITS projects, notably EastLink, WestConnex, Waterview in Australasia, and the A13 DBFO in the UK. His unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative problem-solving has earned him well-deserved accolades in the industry.
    Manuel brings a wealth of expertise to the conference, making him an invaluable asset in driving insightful discussions and fostering meaningful connections.