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  • Event Speaker

    Mark Gregory

    Business Director – Digital Lead Community Shaping

    I am a current board member of ITSNZ, also sitting on the Events Subcommittee. I offer my time and experience to continue the work undertaken to date on the ITSNZ Strategy and successful events held over the past two years. If successful I will promote and advance an area I feel passionate about.
    I offer to ITS NZ members my thirty years’ experience as an ITS and senior management professional, recently at board level, to provide leadership experience to progress ITS NZ and the broader Future Transport & Technology world.

    Currently leading a large, multidisciplinary, international team of Transport professionals with in Beca. I commit to inspire and empower others, have applicable leadership experience and am familiar interacting with diverse stakeholders to develop and deliver outcomes. I will promote transparency, communicating developments to members, affiliates and invite input. I have international experience and networks and will leverage this to grow ITS NZ affiliation, knowledge, and influence.

    I will use resources effectively to achieve set goals, including organising tasks, delegating responsibilities that use people’s skills efficiently, and directing other resources. I will leverage my ability to consider the big picture while being goal/future-oriented and not get caught in minutiae. I will apply my thirty years ITS and industry leadership experience to think independently and critically to make informed decisions efficiently and act when needed to promote an efficient, and effective board for our members for the promotion, development, and facilitation of ITS in NZ and international.