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  • Event Speaker

    Nicholas Brook

    Principal Engineer | Manager (CAVI)
    Transport and Main Roads (Queensland)

    Nick is a Principal Engineer for the Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative (CAVI) at the Transport and Main Roads (Queensland). His is a Chartered Civil Engineer with an MBA and a passion for solving real-world issues with technology. An extensive traffic engineering background in; road construction, design, contract management, traffic modelling, managed motorways, signal optimisations, network operations planning and most recently Cooperative ITS. He wants to contribute to improving road safety, efficiency and sustainability for all road users now and into the future. Collaborating with like-minded road authorities, industry and academics is a critical part of his role that is challenging, exciting and rewarding.
    A yearly trip to Queenstown with the family is a vital part of recharging his batteries, where he is constantly impressed by New Zealand’s natural beauty, and the people’s welcoming nature.