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  • Event Speaker

    Paul Minett

    Managing Director
    Trip Convergence Ltd

    Co-founder and inaugural chair of the Ridesharing Institute. Patented a meeting-place based flexible carpooling solution and joined industry from early 2000s. Helped establish ridesharing subcommittee at the U.S. Transportation Research Board. Observed various efforts to establish smart-phone based ridesharing solutions fail to deliver to expectations and promises. Stuck around to help figure out why. Most recent relevant work is Congestion-Clearing Payments to Passengers, for the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University in California, as Principal Investigator. In this project investigated use of incentives to encourage travel as passengers rather than as drivers. Has used this knowledge to help evaluate HOTTER lane concept for recent papers submitted to the TRB for the upcoming annual meeting.
    Is Managing Director of Trip Convergence Ltd., established to leverage ridesharing IP, and Strategic Lift Ltd, a business strategy consultancy. See