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  • Event Speaker

    Shannyn Hiroti

    National Business Development Manager
    Urban Connection Ltd (NZ)

    Embarking on my ITS industry journey at the age of 19, I commenced as a receptionist at HMI and swiftly transitioned into a business development role. My ability to convey our national ITS vision and goals in a relatable manner, stripping away technical jargon and emphasizing human-centered designs, enabled me to connect with individuals beyond our industry. Collaborating with innovative ITS providers for the past 12 years, my six-year tenure at HMI/Ohmio included active participation in ITS World Congresses in Melbourne and Montreal. Subsequently, I delved into software with Mooven and worked with the road safety barrier supplier, Ingal, before joining the dedicated Urban Connection team, contributing to national road safety projects across New Zealand.
    In each role, ITS has consistently been a focal point. Even when goals did not specifically revolve around ITS, like in barrier projects, I invested time articulating how we could improve community connectivity, safety, and sustainability through ITS integrations. A noteworthy example involves advocating for the barrier industry to invest in research for incorporating innovations into specific infrastructure. This included exploring real-time alert sensors for barriers, and triggering notifications to TOCs, emergency services, and VMS boards in the event of a barrier impact.