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  • Event Speaker

    Steve Critchlow

    Group Managing Director
    Critchlow Geospatial Limited

    Steve Critchlow is the founder of the Critchlow Group. He is an experienced surveyor with computer science qualifications that led him to mapping NZ’s transport, land use, and other infrastructure for the past 30 years.
    With a focus on resilience and sustainability as they relate to the electrification of Aotearoa New Zealand’s transport fleets, Steve understands that this transition is slowed down by the complex informational challenges that fleet operators and transport businesses face when building business cases to transition to electric fleets. This inspired the invention of a free-to-air evaluation tool for fleet operators that answers the question “What do we need, based on where we go, and our varying payloads?”. With co-funding from New Zealand Government through the Low Emissions Transport Fund administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, Steve and the team combined the physics of moving vehicles, a 3D digital twin of New Zealand’s road network, and route optimisation algorithms to calculate the costs and performance of various fleet sizes and configurations, and importantly, battery sizes.
    Steve is always keen to bust myths and show substantive proof how New Zealand organisations can build solid business cases to switch to electric fleets to increase the pace at which New Zealand transitions to a low carbon future.