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  • Event Speaker

    Tina Wilkerson

    Portfolio Manager Growth and New Business

    Tina Wilkerson is widely recognised as an innovative and results-driven professional, boasting an impressive 20+ years of global experience within the Telecoms industry. Throughout her illustrious career, Tina has taken the helm of product management, marketing functions, and development programmes. This journey has equipped her with an expansive understanding of network operator requirements, and she has proven her mettle in implementing successful process improvement strategies.

    As the Portfolio Manager of Growth and New Business at Chorus, Tina is looking forward to leveraging her international product management, ownership, and leadership experience to drive the growth of NZ IoT technologies.

    Tina brings a dynamic, forward-thinking approach to every challenge and opportunity she encounters, aiming to innovate and expand Chorus NZ’s capabilities in new and emerging markets.